Dr. Ben Carson: If I Were a Holocaust Victim I ‘Wouldn’t Have Just Let Them Burn Me’

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STUPIDE VALLEY, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Dr. Ben Carson recently upset many people when he told the hosts of “Fox & Friends” how he would have reacted had he been at Umpquoa Community College at the time of the horrific massacre that took place there last week, but at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, the neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate wasn’t finished making controversial statements about victims of mass murder.

“I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” Carson told the Fox hosts on Monday morning, adding that he would tell everyone around him, “Hey, guys, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.” Many reacted to Dr. Carson’s comments with criticism and disdain, but when he walked out onto the stage at a campaign rally the next day, he seemed to almost double-down on his rhetoric.

Carson told the crowd that “only sissified liberals would be offended” by his insistence that he’d not kowtow to the Umpquoa shooter. He said that “every patriot knows having American blood run through your veins is a one-way ticket to greatness and feats of human strength unseen before.” The 2016 Republican presidential candidate told those in attendance that “classic stories like those of Captain America and Superman” are “based completely in scientifically verifiable fact that America is the greatest country that ever has been or ever will be…just ask the Natives, African-Americans, women and gays.”

“My faith in my American exceptionalocitude is so secure that were I to have been a holocaust victim,” Carson told the crowd, “I wouldn’t have just let them burn me. I would have said to the other starving, emaciated, terrified, shell shocked, and powerless victims of genocide around me and told them ‘Hey, fellow Jew people, everybody attack the guards. They may shoot you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you,” Dr. Carson then spent roughly ten minutes pointing to approximately 95% of the people in the audience and said, “and you.”

“But,” Carson continued,”they can’t get us all. Maybe like, six million or so of us, but hey, we can do this.” Carson said that “no matter what” the scenario, he would have been able to “resist, fight back, and win in the name of freedom and Jesus Christ our Lord.” The conservative Christian Republican told his supporters that “even if the Nazis stripped me naked, forced me into a gas shower and killed” him, his “ghost would rise up from the floor, go to America, tell President Roosevelt two things.”

Dr. Carson said, “First, I’d tell him to quit. Because socialism is bad, and Social Security is actually much worse than the Holocaust, ironically enough. Secondly, I’d give him the coordinates of the concentration camp I just died in and tell him to go drop a nuclear bomb on it. Yeah, it’d wipe out not only the Nazis but also the Jews in the camp, but sometimes you have to vaporize people to save them from being incinerated.”

“The bottom line is that whether you’re the victim of genocide, or the victim of a mass shooting that caught you completely off guard,” Carson said as the rally was ending, “you can fight back…and die anyway, sure. But you can always fight back. And of course, let’s not forget that guns would have solved the problems for the Jews — because you know, it’s not like superiorly armed soldiers were coming to round them up, right?”

Dr. Carson is currently polling very closely to Republican front runner Donald Trump in many national polls.

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